A Bit About Us

Custom Resumes was founded on the conviction that most people have more to offer than their resumes suggest. Our founder, Missy, is an HR professional by day and entrepreneur by night and 24/7 mom. She has spent most of her waking moments for over a decade, coaching employees and clients, so they can be successful in their careers.

Missy Berube and her team of consultants established Custom Resumes based on their extensive human resources and recruitment experience.

Reading an average of 150+ resumes every day, and interviewing 400+ business professionals each year, we saw few candidates who presented themselves effectively. Most resumes were mediocre, some were appalling, and very few were outstanding. But, by reading through even the lengthiest, most poorly written resumes, we met many great people with more skills than we could have guessed.

Along with professional writers and proofreaders, the Custom Resumes team helps job seekers prepare a resume that presents their skills in the best possible way, coaches them on how to search for a job, nail the interview and negotiate a great salary.


Founder, Missy Berube