How long does it take?2018-05-21T09:59:01-07:00

Once you have selected a template, sent us your last resume and we have received payment by Paypal or etransfer, it takes 5-10 business days to complete. Note: resumes can take longer or shorter to create depending on your availability to answer questions and/or approve resume drafts

How much does a custom resume cost?2018-05-21T12:47:03-07:00

Every resume and applicant is different, therefore we will have to assess the work involved for your resume and get back to you with a price quote. Custom resumes are anywhere from $149-299 CAD depending on the work involved.

Is my information kept confidential?2018-04-30T17:27:54-07:00

Yes. We will never sell your information or divulge your information to anyone outside of our team.

Is having a great resume really that important?2018-08-22T10:58:06-07:00

Yes! Your resume is one of your most important promotional tools and you only have one chance to use it to impress a potential employer. You might be the perfect candidate for the job, but if your resume doesn’t reflect your skills and personality, it may not even pass the company’s computerized Applicant Tracking System, a system that automatically filters resumes based on keywords and criteria chosen by the company.

A resume that highlights your strengths and indicates why YOU are the best candidate for the role is an essential tool for making a great first impression during the job application stage.

If I already have a resume why should Custom Resume create one for me?2018-04-30T17:22:33-07:00

We can be objective. Our recruitment and resume writing experience allows us to easily identify and emphasize what is unique about what you have to offer, and how that makes you the best candidate for the job. We also offer you the benefit of our years of experience reviewing thousands of resumes. We will help you polish the content and look of your resume to ensure that it describes your skill-set in an effective and attractive manner.

I can build my own resume online using free templates. Why should I use your services?2018-04-30T17:23:30-07:00

Templates are, by nature, formulaic and impersonal. A standout resume is infused with the right voice for the job and is tailored to the specifications of the posting. This kind of personalized resume writing is not easily mastered and online templates do not let you benefit from our years of HR and recruitment experience.