/Why did you leave/are you leaving your last job?

Why did you leave/are you leaving your last job?

Regardless of why you left, don’t speak badly about your previous employer. The employer will wonder if you will badmouth them. Nobody wants to work with a negative person.

•“Unfortunately, there isn’t any more growth possibilities in my current position and after discussing additional responsibilities with my manager, they are just not possible and I am ready to move on to a new challenge.”
•“I am looking for more responsibilities and did not want to job hunt while at work. It didn’t seem ethical to use my former employer’s time and I had set aside some savings so I could look for a job full-time.”
•“I would like my career to go in a different direction and my current employer does not offer the opportunities I am looking for.”
•“I would like to use my technical skills and experience in a different setting/way.”
•“I would like to take on additional responsibilities and I am ready for a new challenge.”
•“I left my last position to spend more time with my family. My circumstances have changed and I’m more than ready for full-time employment again.”
•“I am seeking a position with a stable company with room for growth and opportunity for advancement.”
•“I was spending a significant amount of time each day commuting. I would prefer to wok closer to home.”
•“I wasn’t actively looking, but, I saw this job posting and was intrigued by the position and the company. It sounds like an exciting opportunity and an ideal match with my qualifications.”

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