/Why were you fired/laid off?

Why were you fired/laid off?

Keep your answer honest, simple and move on to discuss how your skills fit the position you are applying for.

•“The company had to cut costs and, unfortunately, my job was one of those eliminated.”
•“In retrospect, being laid off was a blessing in disguise. I now have time to actively seek a job opportunity that is a better match for my qualifications and interests. Would you like to discuss my XYZ skills?”
•“My competencies were not the right match for my previous employer’s needs, but it looks like they’d be a good fit in your organization. In addition to sales and advertising, would skills in promotion be valued here?”
•“A new manager was hired and he decided to bring in members from his old team. I am taking this opportunity to seek a role that will better suit my XYZ skills.”
•“I usually get along with everyone, but unfortunately, my last boss proved to be the exception to the rule and we were not able to find common ground. I have a lot of respect for her, but I am hoping to find a better fit with my next supervisor.”
•“The company had several rounds of layoffs, but the last one included me. I have taken this time to research the types of companies I would like to work for and I am very interested in your company because of XYZ.”
•“I was actively looking for a job and was a bit too hasty in my decision and anxiousness to work in marketing. I have learned to not be so quick to take the first offer and make sure I explore all of my options. I am looking for an environment that is team-oriented, innovative and fast-paced.”

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